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The Third Eye is founded by veterans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who are dedicated to finding high-impact requirements needed to support Ukraine that go unnoticed by other organizations. Our mission is to see the unseen. As veterans, we understand that to support Ukraine’s soldiers and civilians effectively, it is critical to understand the realities on the ground and to seek solutions adapted to these realities. That is why Third Eye’s efforts are always end-user-focused. We conduct research through interviews with junior ranking personnel as well as senior leaders engaged in important missions throughout the nation to develop a comprehensive and accurate picture of challenges being faced that are often poorly understood or not known by governments and other aid organizations.

Key areas we focus on include but are not limited to communications, sustainment, logistics, and energy resilience. Our organization has the agility and network to collect critical information that is easily missed without an end-user-focused approach, and we use this information to help facilitate high-impact solutions. As we seek to identify critical challenges facing the military and civilian population, we also work to facilitate solutions by connecting potential beneficiaries with private industry, government, and NGOs. In addition, we facilitate training and advising support to the Ukrainian military from foreign volunteers, and we offer logistics support to private industry, allied governments, and NGOs operating in Ukraine by providing customs clearance support, certified translation expertise, 3PL, and last-mile delivery services with 100% oversight.

Our dedicated teams of professionals bring valuable experience and expertise to bear, but we rely on the generosity of supporters to stay in the fight. If you believe in a free and strong Ukraine, we encourage you to donate through this website. We are grateful for any support. If you are also aware of any high-impact requirements in Ukraine needing support, or you are interested in collaborating on a project, we invite you to contact us.
We offer training, advising, and supply support to the Ukrainian military, ensuring they have the knowledge and tools needed to tackle the challenges they face. By empowering the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we aim to enhance their ability to defend Ukraine from Russian aggression. Our goal is to help liberate Ukraine and to ease the burden of this war on the Ukrainian people.
We are committed to ensuring that our aid reaches those who need it most. Whether it’s supplies or training, we provide 100% oversight on all deliveries. Our dedicated teams of professionals bring valuable experience and expertise to bear to support Ukrainian warfighters, and we work together with AFU soldiers to help them succeed in their missions with modern tactics, techniques, and procedures learned from NATO partners.
Together, with your support and generosity, we can make a positive difference in the lives of the Ukrainian people and contribute to building a brighter and more peaceful future for Ukraine. Join us in our efforts to strengthen a free and independent Ukraine.


We seek to empower the population of Ukraine to prevail against Russian aggression by facilitating aid where it’s needed most. We support Ukrainian government organizations, allied partner governments, private industry, and humanitarian aid organizations with project development, supply chain, and logistics support services.
We seek to empower both the military and civilian population of Ukraine to succeed in their war effort by facilitating humanitarian aid where it’s needed most. We use our extensive network of contacts within Ukraine to ensure all aid is delivered directly to those organizations and individuals who need it most.


Third Eye is largely staffed by Veterans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who are committed to continued service to our country both on and off the battlefield. We also work with foreign volunteers who possess critical military and private sector skill sets. Our work enables volunteers to help Ukraine while also growing their professional skill sets to empower success in the civilian world after the war ends. Our dynamic team is experienced in finding innovative solutions to the challenges being faced in Ukraine, and we are united by our dedication to serve in high-impact ways.
Third eye is entirely staffed by Veterans of the Ukrainian armed forces. We give former soldiers the ability to continue to assist their country both on and off the battlefield in a way that empowers them to both make a difference in the ongoing war for independence, as well as help develop their military and civilian skill sets both during and after their careers with our charity fund. Our workers are experienced at finding innovative solutions to the challenges being faced in Ukraine and are experienced working in the myriad of social and political environments present.


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