habit #1 / GOOD AIR

Try to stop breathing for one hour. You can't. It doesn't matter who you are; you inhale and exhale. It just happens. It is the main rhythm of your existence. To learn how to breath and consequently breath well spontaneously is a long job. You could start by breathing good air.

habit #2 / GOOD WATER

We can survive some weeks without eating but we are not going to last more than a week-end without drinking. We know, that rough 70% of water inside our body did not come with the last rain. We'd better take care of our liquid body by adding some water. We may drink a couple of glass of some fresh water, now. Drink a couple of glasses of fresh water before whatever: it helps!

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habit #3 / GOOD LIFE

Good air, good water, good food? No. At least, not now. It is a matter of fact that we are what we eat; the highest state is a total emptiness. So we'd better start from a good life, doing something that we love: it could be dancing, it could be a sport, it could be painting. Live a life of passion.

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Dal 1993

These are good habits

As we are little, parents and teachers try to pass us good manners and good habits. Most of the time they are right. Sometimes, however, what is more relevant for our beloved may not be that fundamental for our own evolution. There is a selfish gene in DNA composition that try to preserve as much as possible the quality of the source. Evolution is just a series of mistakes, forgotten shots and, sometimes, voluntary changes that we impose to our way in this material life. Breathing good air in a good way, drinking enough pure water and living experience that express our passion are just the basis to reach a first flash of inspiration.

           A person of great virtue is like the flowing water.

(Tao Te Ching)

Some people believe in religion, some people follow ancient philosophies, some others pretend not to believe in anything. Whatsoever is our belief, we still see the sun rising every morning and setting every night; so we'd better consider that things go around and we should not strive to something different.



It is (always) time to go

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