we me

To share

It is easy to understand what is the protagonist of our time: ego.

This is the most connected and technological era of all mankind and we are growing in it as individual instead of exploiting its massive social power. All people who surround us are the next little grain in the polluted desert of this humanity.

WE is the way to think, to share and to accomplish. Because nothing great was ever made by a sole person, cause a sole person never existed.

So the WE and the contrast with the ME is our soul. It is our mission to find an equilibrium within the two. It will be hard, above all because we need to do it together.

We give value to WE

Third-eye is a project. It will grow with us.

We need to make sure its own value gets the right acknowledgement along the time. That is the reason why WE is going to be a Token. It is going to represent the value of experience and the ability of people to share it. We will get experienced and earn a coin.

first third

Many times our attention goes to the fact that everything has an opposite and complementary half. What if life is actually made of thirds?

second third

When we imagine things are made up of three thirds, who prohibits us to think the second third already includes all that's missing in the first? Does this interdict the presence of the third third?

third third

It comes by its name (third third), kind of a repetition. It is nothing but the chance to be ONE or ZERO, to be RIGHT or WRONG. And this chance is nothing but our choice.

An ICO that offers you an adventure

It is nice to think about only one word to describe all of it. We organize a W(eek) E(end), paid with WE and we are going to enjoy it.