What should we loose? We believe that this is not the right question. If we really want to feel free, we have to allow our mind to let go all of the useless thing that retain its freedom and potential. So, the right question is: What is superfluous?

How can we define what is superfluous?

Wi-fi? Smartphone? Car? Another time, we do not believe it is possible to define what is superfluous. Too many needless things surround us every day. The reality comes from understanding what is necessary. Enlightenment comes from accepting consciously that only a few things are actually essential for our life.

Can we experience emptiness?

Of course, everybody can. We can experience an instant or a whole lifetime of emptiness and total freedom. It is a matter of fact that we are alive to feel, we are alive to choose. We can obviously choose not to feel

To gain

It is crystal clear that the highway to consciousness is a dirt road, full of bumps and dips. The top is something to gain through consistent effort and a dedication. What if all of this strive to succeed is just affordable by letting all go?