First Third

We are going to do what we like. Actually we are going to do what we love and we are going to share this experience with people we love. There will be some challenges, cause WE are part of a greater game.

Second Third

Are we disposed to do something we don't like? Do we hate anything? Are we actually able to deplore something so badly to accept the chance to erase it from our existence? We will know it only after WE live against it.

Third Third

We are ready to deal with both sides of ourselves. We have been driven to a point where everything seems absolute and stable. Movement is the principle. It is time for choices. It is time for conscious evolution.


Many people believe traveling is the best way to spend money. Almost everybody likes to explore and visit new places. The new era of tourism is based upon experience. The new era of commerce is based upon crypto values. Third-eye brings you into a new, necessary and practical world: you are going to convert your coin into an amazing experience.

Free yourself for a WE

Every medal has two sides. Third-eye brings our attention to that thin edge that divides and meanwhile unites the two opposite surfaces. We work hard, everyday, surrounded from people, from technology, far from nature and truth relax for our mind. Let us organize an higher level of experience. It will be a pure location, far from technology, far from daily chaos. A WE to enjoy, alone or with our beloved, the beauty of real life. Ready to get back to any given Monday.

Get one Token, get one WE

It will be very easy. We will share a Token, we will share a week end. Just contact us and this amazing experience is going to start: whenever we want. Just let it happen.