We believe in a new era, the blockchain era. That day we won't have a wallet in our pocket anymore is not far. Let's experience it. With your token you will have all included.

Leave your wallet at home!


We need a detox WE from all of the technology that surround us. It is vital to feel the real world and to avoid the continuos use of digital instruments. It is taking our humanity away.

WE don't want it.


Leave the hustle at home. Enjoy an organized and tailor made experience where everything is going to happen in the right moment. Just relax. It is going to be 48 hours anyway.

WE don't need time.

Analogic, seriously!

Our smartphone won't be allowed. We won't find wi-fi at arrival. No screen will attract our attention. The fast lane to enlightenment does not get through an electric plug.

It is all about ourselves. WE need to stop and get an higher perspective. In a screen, we are watched. To get the right point of you, we will stop and watch reality, facing it with our eyes, the third-eye is included.

Just memories

Experience is made up by memories. So one thing only is going to be accepted: analogic cameras. Actually WE will have a photographer with us. We don't have to miss a thing. We will enjoy and in the very end, we will get our memories on our account. We are resting from techonology, WE are not abandoning it.

WE will be surprised

We will have to know some things about ourselves. Than all is going to be a surprise. Just join us and get ready to gain experience.